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QUESTION:  Can I add my VanirMail.com email account to my existing Eudora email accounts?  


Step 1:
From the Tools menu in the top menu bar of your Eudora* software program, select Personalities.

Step 2:
Right click anywhere in the Personalities window and select New....

Step 3:
Select Create a brand new email account and then click Next.

Step 4:
Type in a descriptive name for this personality, like VanirMail.com Email Account or anything you like, and then click Next.

Step 5:
Type in your name as you would like it to appear in the From field on your outgoing messages and then click Next.

Step 6:
Type in your new VanirMail.com email address and then click Next.

Step 7:
Type in your VanirMail.com email account for the login name and then click Next.  (example: yourname@vanirmail.com)

Step 8:
Type in your Incoming Mail Server name, mail.vanirmail.com (replace .com with .net, .org or whatever extension your domain name uses) and then click Next.

Step 9:
Type in your Outgoing Mail Server name, smtpout.secureserver.net and then click Next.

Step 10:
Click Finish.

*These instructions are for Eudora 6.

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