Company Profile & History

Management Team

Allen Seymour, President and CEO

Allen (AL) brings to Vanir Broadband experience in management and technical expertise. Al started his carrier with the IBM Corporation in 1956 and had various assignments over the 30 plus years there.  He started his career as a service engineer and later moved to software and technical market support. Over those 30 years Al accomplished a high level of achievement and respect. In 1987 Al left IBM to start Cipher Systems Inc. This company started with software and technical support on some models of IBM equipment. In addition Al also started Pacific Technology Group Inc. a hardware design firm These two companies eventually merged to one company. Al served as President and CEO of Cipher Systems for 18 years. Cipher Systems Inc. provides embedded system design and technical electronic support as well as light manufacturing. In January of 2004 Al retired from Cipher Systems Inc. and started Vanir Broadband in March of that same year.

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